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Discover San Sebastian

all kind of leisure plans in san Sebastian and the surrounding region

Discover San Sebastian is a specialist gastronomical tour company that offers you different tours in San Sebastian and the surrounding region. Our professional guides will show you our Basque gastronomic culture. The use of our guide is an excellent way to ensure visitors will enjoy the city of San Sebastian.

In Discover San Sebastián, we will help you plan your visit to enjoy with and as a local.

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in san sebastian

Pintxo/tapas Tour

San Sebastián (known as Donostia in Basque) is a city renowned worldwide for its gastronomic tradition. Without doubt the unrivalled "Star" and featured in every bar is the Pintxo. The picturesque old town [...]

Walking Tour

Discover San Sebastian by foot exploring all of the landmarks of our beautiful city accompanied by an experienced local guide. Learn about the history and traditions of the city, its royal heritage and [...]

Walking tour and Pintxos/tapas tour

We will start doing a walking tour visiting the most emblematic buildings in Donostia San Sebastián: a little bit of history and a little of our Basque Culture. Donostia San Sebastián is a [...]

Bike tours with pintxos

Donostia San Sebastián is the perfect city to explore by bike. Combining a bike ride with stopping to enjoy some Pintxos is a fantastic way to spend a few hours. (Image author: Mark [...]

Shopping in San Sebastian

Discover San Sebastián will accompany you on an exclusive tour of our extensive shopping áreas in the city to facilitate your shopping needs. The city has a wide range of shops including: internationally famous [...]

Gastronomical Societies or Txokos

Discover San Sebastian offer you an exclusive experience at one of San Sebastian’s renowned Gastronomic Societies or Txoko as they are known in Basque. The privately owned Gastronomic societies are a cornerstone of [...]

other plans
outside San Sebastian

Tour to Getaria

Our tour to Getaria takes us 25 kms west up the coast towards Bilbao. Getaria was the birthplace of both Juan Sebastian Elcano (who was the first man to sail around the world) [...]

Sidreria / Cider house tour

A visit to a Sidrería or Cider House is a great Basque tradition which will provide the visitor with an experience to remember. Discover San Sebastian will accompany you to a local Sidrería [...]

Tour to La Rioja

Discover San Sebastian offer a tour of the world famous Rioja wine region located some 190 kms to the south of San Sebastian. Rioja wine is a recognised Denomination of Origin and refers to [...]

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