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Eskerne Falcón

Discover San Sebastian, created by it’s owner Eskerne Falcon, is San Sebastian’s leading business that provides memorable culinary experiences and tours in San Sebastian and the Basque Region. 

Discover San Sebastian started after combining her three passions: San Sebastian, people and gastronomy.

Born in San Sebastian, Eskerne left her beloved city in 1994 to further her studies in USA, attending Binghamton NY University. Her passion for gastronomy was enhanced during her time in the United States where she experienced, enjoyed and learnt about a diverse and multi-cultural range of food and drink produce.

Eskerne returned to San Sebastian in 1999 and worked in a variety of positions including being manager of an award winning family hotel in San Sebastian and holding senior managerial positions with 2 restaurant /food producer trade associations. The experience she gained during this time allowed her to understand all aspects of the gastronomic experience that is the life blood of the city of San Sebastian and its population.

2008 saw Eskerne play a key role in the city’s bid to be awarded the honor of San Sebastian becoming the European Capital of Culture for 2016. The bid ultimately proved successful and the city looks forward to greater recognition within the European Community.

Subsequently Eskerne travelled to Shanghai, China to familiarize herself with Asian culture and cuisine and to enhance her extensive knowledge of World Gastronomic trends and techniques.

Returning to San Sebastian in 2014 Eskerne worked as a guide within the city before deciding to start Discover San Sebastian.

In 2017 she finished her studies in the first promotion of the Master in Gastronomic Tourism, given by the prestigious University of Gastronomy of the Basque Country, the Basque Culinary Center. She got her degree with her project: Donostia tourist promotion in Australia.

Her unrivalled experience in the world of gastronomy and her worldwide culinary expertise makes her the perfect guide to show visitors the unique Basque city of San Sebastian, a city loved by its inhabitants and a location without compare for food lovers from all over the world.