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San Sebastián (known as Donostia in Basque) is a city renowned worldwide for its gastronomic tradition. Without doubt the unrivalled “Star” and featured in every bar is the Pintxo. The picturesque old town (Parte Vieja) is completely packed with Pintxos bars — so many that knowing where to go and what to order can be completely overwhelming.

We will take you to the very finest pintxo bars that visitors are unlikely to discover on their own and we will suggest the best pintxo in each bar and the most suitable drink to accompany it, chosen from Cider, Txakoli (Basque white wine) or red wine.

From our meeting point we will visit the Old Town of San Sebastian where you will learn about Basque traditions and customs. You will visit bars off the normal tourist trail, eating and drinking like locals do.

The tour includes

  • Five pre-selected pintxos and drinks in different bars that represent the very best gastronomy of San Sebastian and you will learn some more about the city of San Sebastian and our Culture.

Privated tours

To book an exclusive private tour please contact us in advance.

(Images author: Mark Angelo Acosta)


Monday – Sunday at 12.00 or 7.00pm

Tour duration

2-3 hours


Old Town


110€ per person (open tour)

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