Shopping in San Sebastian

>>Shopping in San Sebastian

De compras por San Sebastian

Discover San Sebastián will accompany you on an exclusive tour of our extensive shopping áreas in the city to facilitate your shopping needs.
Joyas de Compras por San Sebastian
The city has a wide range of shops including: internationally famous designer brands, local branded clothing, shoes, perfumes, jewellery, Basque arts and crafts and food including La Bretxa market. The tour will be adapted to the needs of each person.

The use of a local guide allows you to buy those important ítems permitting you to maximise your vacation. The duration of each tour is 2 hours although this can be altered on request.

Privated tours

To book an exclusive private tour please contact us in advance.


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1 hour and 1/2


Downtown and Old Town


65€ per person (min. 3 people)

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